Dangerous Revelations (The The Harcourte Society Book 1) Morgan Kelley



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Dangerous Revelations (The The Harcourte Society Book 1)  by  Morgan Kelley

Dangerous Revelations (The The Harcourte Society Book 1) by Morgan Kelley
| Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 462 pages | ISBN: | 10.72 Mb

Mistress Jolie Harcourte has lived a very long time.She’s seen things come and go in her eight centuries, but one thing always surprises her- how humans and her kind can’t be left to their own devices.When someone is killing humans and leaving their bodies scattered all over the town, there’s only one thing to do.~The right thing.She has to help.As an expert in deviant behavior, Jolie has volunteered to help the police solve this mess. Or, in this case, lead them astray while she ‘handles’ the situation. With her guardian by her side, she must navigate the slippery slope that is a fine line between the truth and what goes bump in the night.Everything seems in control until that fateful moment when she sees him.Detective Flynn Brogan.He’s trouble for women, and vampyres alike, but even more dangerous to the Harcourte society.Why?

Because he’s about to find out the truth.Now, it all comes down to trusting this man, chancing his betrayal, and catching the vampyre who’s risking them all.One the truth is out, it can’t be bottled back up.Dangerous Revelations are coming…Now it’s a matter of who will survive.

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