Magical Cures Mystery Series Box Set Books 4, 5, and 6: Magical Cures Mystery Series Tonya Kappes



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Magical Cures Mystery Series Box Set Books 4, 5, and 6: Magical Cures Mystery Series  by  Tonya Kappes

Magical Cures Mystery Series Box Set Books 4, 5, and 6: Magical Cures Mystery Series by Tonya Kappes
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A CHARMING SPELL is book four of the top-rated A Magical Cures Mystery Series from USA TODAY Bestselling Author Tonya Kappes. Get lost in Whispering Falls, a place full of magic, romance, and humor.Bubble... Bubble...There is a new store Whispering Falls, Kentucky. Ophelia Biblio, the owner of Ever After Book Shop, has a power that no one else in Whispering Falls has. She’s a witch and her shop is magical.Cures and trouble...June Heal is on a mission to come up with a special cure for Sheriff Oscar Park to help him regain his memory, while working hard at being the best newly elected Village President of the magical village.Magic stirs...Alexelrod Primrose shows up on June’s doorstep begging her to block the opening of Ever After Books, making her wonder if opening the village doors to witches is a good idea.And troubles double...When one of the Spiritualist turns up dead and Oscar Park is falling in love with someone else, June has her hands full trying to solve a murder and fix her love life.A Charming Spell is book fourth of the bestselling Magical Cures Mystery series.

Come walk around Whispering Falls for a fun, fantasy mystery with magic and romance. You wont want to leave.A Charming MagicBubble, Bubble. . .Magic is floating all around Whispering Falls. There is a new flower shop, Magical Moments, and an upcoming wedding that has the town on cloud nine.Cures and Trouble. . .Arabella Paxton, the owner of Magical Moments is smart, beautiful and has her eyes on Oscar Park. Not even the dark cloud looming over Whispering Falls is going to stop her from what she wants.Magic Stirs.

. .Village President and A Charming Cure owner, June Heal, is on a mission to find out why things are dying in Whispering Falls including her relationship with Oscar Park.And Trouble Doubles. . .There is a perfect storm brewing and a beloved Whispering Falls resident has been poisoned from a potion bought at A Charming Cure. June Heal has to use all her sleuthing skills and a little bit of magic to not only clear her name but help Oscar remember that she is the love of his life.A Charming SecretBubble...

Bubble...June Heal has it all.A Charming Cure, her magical cure shop in the town of Whispering Falls, is thriving and shes engaged to her childhood sweetheart and sheriff, Oscar Park. Petunia Shrubwood is taking over as Village President and there is a new bed and breakfast in town, Full Moon Treesort.Life in Whispering Falls is good.Cures And Trouble...Evil begins to lurk as Junes nightmares return, sending her intuition into a downward spiral.A Charming Cure goes up in flames and there is a dead body in the attic, clutching one of Junes cures, sending some of the residents of Whispering Falls on a hunt.

. .and shes the one they are looking for!Magic Stirs...June flees to her hometown of Locust Grove, reopening her cure shop at the local flea market, giving her the opportunity to use her intuition and put her sleuthing skills to work.And Troubles Double...Will June wake up from this nightmare in time to save Mr.

Prince Charming, her Fairy-God cat, after her nightmare reveals his ultimate demise?

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