Winters Stormy Rage Ralph Hunter

ISBN: 9780738869070

Published: July 28th 2001


498 pages


Winters Stormy Rage  by  Ralph Hunter

Winters Stormy Rage by Ralph Hunter
July 28th 2001 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 498 pages | ISBN: 9780738869070 | 7.34 Mb

In Autumns Dancing Leaves, we met Eddie, an abused and neglected kid whose personality fractured to create Randy when he reached a point where he could no longer cope with the trauma in his life. Randy, defiant and determined, undertook the crusadeMoreIn Autumns Dancing Leaves, we met Eddie, an abused and neglected kid whose personality fractured to create Randy when he reached a point where he could no longer cope with the trauma in his life.

Randy, defiant and determined, undertook the crusade of becoming Eddies champion, endeavoring to save him from his abusers and all who were a threat to him. Because of Randys effectiveness, Eddies mind decided it was possible to enjoy the life that Randy insured, that being involved with the world was preferable to merely surviving the lifetime.Eddies mind then developed Jesse from unused personality traits. Jesse, an aesthetic personality, believed his goal was to interact with people and the world to find missing elements in Eddies life and use his experiences to bring balance to the life he shared with Eddie and Randy.Randy and Jesse believed they were moving closer to what they saw as a normal life, exposing Eddie to the things they thought determined quality of life.

But, Jesse made a mistake he felt would be devastating for Eddie. Randy responded by deciding to take them away from an environment he saw as detrimental ...Winters Stormy Rage picks up the story with Randy on the road, looking for a new life, a new place where they can settle down. He travels to Kansas City, to an old neighborhood where he is exposed to other runaway kids surviving on the streets, and those he calls societys undesirables.

From there he makes his way west, toward the coast, stopping along the way for a time with a biker gang that picks him up alongside the highway.A series of tragedies convinces Randy that they dont have a chance of success in trying to attain a new life. With that realization, he turns to drugs and alcohol, which keep him numb and muddled, preventing him from sorting out the truth. When he hits a low point, Jesse takes over to lead them for a time, a role in which hes not comfortable.

Jesse catches a ride on the highway with Marcella, a female impersonator, who declares herself to be an entertainer. Marcella takes him to San Diego where he meets the colorful crowd Marcella associates with.While Jesse is struggling to cope with the role of directing their life, Randy keeps showing up, still wrestling with substance abuse problems. Jesse fears Randy could be a threat to their existence. He decides he must seek help for them, but that would entail telling someone the secret of their life, a secret they had always sought to conceal.Winters Stormy Rage follows the three facets of Eddie through their struggles, through the setbacks and the successes in the complex life they shared, from a bleak beginning to a promising conclusion ...Author Biography (Communication with Readers)PROLOGUEPrior ...

Autumns Dancing Leaves ... Eddie was born not favoring anyone in his family, which created problems between his parents. His mother irrationally blamed him. When he was five years old, Evelyn sought to punish him by loaning him to pedophile men. As a result, he was abused by the companions and neglected by his mother.Intelligent, with heightened abilities in logic and reasoning, little Eddie attemped to rationalize his situation in an effort to keep the abuse in an acceptable perspective that would allow him to cope with it.He struggled with the increasing severity of the abuse but, by age eleven, he could no longer handle the circumstances of his life.

Gravely depressed, he decided his only escape would be to die, that by conscious will, he could simply resolve to give up life and cease to exist.Eddies mind, alerted to his decision, was determined to survive, believing the ultimate goal for any entity was to continue, regardless of the form or quality of life. Panicked at the threat of cessation, his mind made a desperate decision -- it fractured his personality and created Randy from traits that had been repressed in Eddie.Randy, a tough, defiant individual, was created to bring new energy, new life, and stand in defense of the defeated, accepting Eddie.

He was fiercely focused to protecting Eddie and determined to insure continuation of the entity.Rising to the challenge, Randy accepted the responsibility of his creation and fought to overcome the abusers, endeavoring to protect Eddie while searching for a long-term solution to the problems in their lives.

He felt he was making progress, while Evelyn, bent on maintaining control, retaliated.He fought back against all who were a threat to Eddie, which led to an inevitable confrontation with the mother. But, Randy survived everything Evelyn devised to bring him under her domination, even an attempt to have him killed.Randy was proud of his efforts to save Eddie.

He knew he was Eddies paladin, his champion, created for a noble purpose -- to bring Eddie back from the brink of oblivion. Astride the steed of resolve, he rode to Eddies rescue.At the neighborhood Community Center, Randy saw a flier for summer camp. He hoped it was a way to expose the world to Eddie, to get him out of the bedroom that had become a prison for him. He thought that by meeting new people, Eddie might come out from behind the protective walls hed built between himself and the world.Eddie woke up on the train headed for camp.

Not knowing how hed gotten there, he believed his mother had sent him. At camp, his cabin mates voted for him to play the part of a lady in a skit they were presenting for a competition. Because of his background, Eddie knew he would never be able to perform for a crowd. He agonized over facing the ordeal.Aware of his anxiety, the mind that created Randy without Eddies knowledge, considered the possibility of enjoying the existence Randy insured. It pondered the idea of Eddie interacting with the world and being involved with people, rather that merely persisting through the time allotted for the life.

Knowing Eddie was not able to handle the situation, and that Randy, focused to protection, could not be expected to appreciate, nor accept, the feelings and attitude required to interact and assimilate the beauty and love found in the world, Eddies mind made the decision to develop a new facet, an aesthetic personality, attuned to art and music, and tender feelings of love and friendship.Jesse was created to experience emotions, to evolve the repressed side of the personality to bring stability to the entity.

Jesse believed he was born to search for love, to interact, and find the emotional equilibrium that would bring the separate identities into harmony. Developed from suppressed characteristics, Jesse was creative and confident, loving and inquisitive, charming and fun-loving.

And he was on a quest -- determined to achieve his goal.Without Eddies awareness of them, Randy and Jesse sought to balance their existence and hoped they were achieving what they saw as a normal life ... until Jesse experienced an incident which shattered that belief and forced them to realize they had not progressed as far as they thought.Jesses realization that he had made a terrible mistake was devastating.

Jumping to a conclusion, Randy, the controlling personality, felt he must take over to handle the crisis in an effort to protect them. In his defiant determination to fend off any challenge, he decided to take them away from the environment he saw as detrimental. The story continues ...Current ... Winters Stormy Rage ... Eddie came to awareness in a grove of trees beside a highway and realized he had left home.

He couldnt recall running away and wondered at his ability to know that he had. Since attending summer camp, he had known he was actively involved in a life he could only half-remember and he believed he was slowly going insane. He had been hiding that belief, covering his lost periods of time by agreeing with whatever the situation might be when he came to consciousness.

He wasnt sur

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