Bride Of Blood Sex & Scooby Snacks Ian Watson



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Bride Of Blood Sex & Scooby Snacks  by  Ian   Watson

Bride Of Blood Sex & Scooby Snacks by Ian Watson
| Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, RTF | 121 pages | ISBN: | 8.29 Mb

This is the third book in the Blood, Sex & Scooby Snacks trilogy, so it’s in 3D, features none of the original cast and isn’t as good as the first one (or if you thought the first one sucked ass, this one’s WAY better).Stephen King said: “If you love horror movies, you’ve got to have a love for pure s#!t!” Bear that in mind, friends and neighbours, when watching a Platinum Dunes reboot or a sequel to a movie about a film crew that goes to a haunted asylum.

Seriously, who goes to a haunted asylum? Nobody, that’s who. Well, maybe Scooby Doo…Those films reduce horror to the level of a Saturday morning cartoon, and this is the book that mocks them. You’ll laugh, cry and sit in stunned awe as the author tears into Michael Bay’s Texas Chainsaw reboot, Halloween II and Saw 3D, so come on get involved until the mystery is solved….but stay away from the haunted asylum after dark, you hear?

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